WavLink MECO N300 Home Router Setup Instruction – Configuration Guide

WavLink MECO N300 is a Wi-Fi router which can also work as a repeater and a range extender. It comes with 4 antennae with which you can get maximum coverage. This product is rich in both software and hardware features. You can control access and monitor your data using this router. Many people who have this product don’t know how to configure it. Just read this article which deals with all the basic information about this product.

Step 1:- Connect your router to a power source and you can see new WiFi with a name starting WAVLINK. Just connect any device with browser support to that WiFi.

Step 2:- There will be no internet access at this point and you need to configure that. Open any browser and go the default gateway URL. Default address for Wavlink Meco N300 is

Step 3:- Once everything is right, you will see a window on your browser as shown below.

WavLink MECO N300 Home Router Setup Instruction

There is no need to provide the username and you only need to give the password. The default password is admin itself. Type it on the given field and click OK button.

Step 4:- Now after proving the password, it will show a page where you can configure the network connection. I hope most people are having a PPPoE connection. If so provide the username and password of your broadband connection in the corresponding fields. If you don’t know the details, make a call to the customer care and they will provide you the details.

WavLink MECO N300

Step 5:- After providing the details, press OK button and you will see data connection after a few seconds. Now you can access the internet.

WiFi configuration includes enabling or disabling the Wireless connection, Changing WiFi name and changing WiFi password. To do that,

Step 1:- Go to the default gateway and log in using your password as we see above. Now on the left side, there will be several tabs and you need to click on the Wireless option.

WiFi Configuration guide for WavLink MECO N300

There you can see Wi-Fi ON/OFF option which let you enable or disable WiFi access. If you don’t want to enable the WiFi just turn it off.

Just below to that, there are fields to set WiFi name and WiFi password. Change it as per your wish. If you want to reduce the Wi-Fi range, choose the Signal strength low or medium.

Since this router supports both routing and repeating, you can use it as a WiFi range extender or repeater. To do that, go to the default gateway after by using a web browser.

Step 1:- Login to your router using the default password “admin

Step 2:- Now instead of PPPoE choose WISP option. There you will see a list of Wi-Fi connections you can extend. Just click on the desired WiFi and provide its password.

Now you have successfully extended the selected WiFi. If you have any doubts regarding the configuration of MECO N300, comment it below or shoot it on our forum. You will get reply within a few hours.

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