How to Setup Synology Router RT2600ac? Configure Internet and WiFi

Synology RT2600a is a powerful Router focused mainly on highspeed wireless stream and for providing maximum security. It provides features like Parental Controls and Traffic Management options. Here is the complete guide to configuring your Synology RT2600a Wi-Fi AC 2600 Gigabit router.

Configure Synology Router RT2600ac

It is pretty easy to configure your Synology RT2600ac. Unbox your device and connect it to your device either PC/mobile or any device with browser access. By default, there will be open WiFi access and ethernet cable is not mandatory for configuration.

Step 1:- Once you connect to your router using WiFi or ethernet cable, open your browser. Then go to the link The link will automatically redirect you to the start page.

Step 2:- Next you can set up your default gateway username and password. Hereafter once you try to login to, it will ask a username and password. This is what we need to set up here.

Step 3:- Next you need to give your WiFi a name and password. SSID will be your name and you can set a new password for your wifi here.

Step 4:- Follow other instructions after Wifi configuration. Finally, you will reach a place asking you to configure internet. You need to configure this based on your Internet Service Provider. Ask them what option you have to follow. For most service providers across the US, you need to choose Auto IP and internet will be configured automatically. In some countries, ISP provides PPPoE connection where you need to type your broadband username and password to connect to the internet.

Parent Control on Synology Router RT2600ac

Parent Control on Synology Router RT2600ac

Parental control is pretty easy to set up you can set different policies for different computers or devices connecting to your router. The parental control page can be accessed from Control Panel –> Network Center –> Parental Control. Suppose that, you want to look at certain things but you don’t want your kids to look at that, you can set up a web filtering.  Synology provides two types of web-filters known as Basic and Protected. In the basic filter, the router blocks websites intended for Advertising, Malware, and Phishing and with the Protected mode, router blocks access to adult, gambling, violence along with basic protection.

Traffic Control on Synology Router RT2600ac

Another important feature available for this router is Traffic control. You can access this setting from Control Panel –> Network Center –> Traffic Control. You may think what is necessary for traffic control at home. Suppose that you have a guest and he/she wants to connect to your network. You are afraid that you have only a few data remaining and difficult to mention it to your guest. In such situation, you can limit the connected devices bandwidth speed. Suppose if it is a 50 Mbps plan and you can limit it to  Mbps for avoiding bandwidth loss.

There are many other features available with Synology Router RT2600ac and will be added later. Anyway, these are the basic settings that everyone wants to know. If you have any queries related to this, please comment it below. Also, mark whether this article was helpful or not.

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