[PDF] D-Link DIR-615 User Manual Download – Easy Configuration Guides

D-Link routers are favorite among developing countries due to its cheap price and  DIR-615 is one of the top-selling router models from D-Link. It cost less than 20$ on all online shopping website as well as in local shops. It comes with a dual antenna which will provide extra coverage than the single antenna model.

This is very useful for household needs and helps you to share your network with both wired and wireless devices. Unlike other brands routers, DIR-615 is easy to configure without any extra technical talent. At the time of accessing the router setup page, it will ask you to provide your network connection details as well as wifi details for a fast configuration.

Anyway, this is not the right choice for a company with more than 10 employees. The hardware and software requirements are not enough good to manage the connected devices. You cannot provide restricted speed for a particular device like you do on top end router devices. However, it is possible to block a connection using the MAC address.

Along with Internet configuration and Wi-Fi configuration, there are much more to do. The following PDF file includes every configuration details you want to know about D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router. Just download it or open it on your browser to see the contents. If you have any doubt regarding Dlink Products, please ask it on D-Link forum.

Download the User Manual as PDF

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