How to Factory Reset Dlink DWR 116 4G LTE? – Complete Instructions

For many reasons, you may need to reset your Dlink DWR 116 4G LTE router. For example, if you misconfigure your router and forget what changes have you made, then the best option is to return the device to its factory settings. You can easily bring the router to factory settings by hard reset. Following are some of the advantages of resetting your Dlink DWR 116 4G LTE router.

  • You can solve any misconfiguration by a hard reset.
  • If you forgot your modified username, password or gateway IP address, reset will bring the default one.
  • If an intruder hacked your router and change the details, you can change it by resetting the router.

Don’t worry If you have no idea about resetting your router, here are the complete instructions.

The steps to reset all Dlink router models are the same. You will see a reset text written on the backside of your router. Near to the tag, you will see a small hole.

Step 1:- Turn on your router. You cant reset router when it is turned off.

Step 2:- Take a safety PIN, Needle, SIM ejector tool whatever you get.

Step 3:- Using the needle, press inside the reset hole for 10 seconds and release it. Now you will see lights blinking on your router.

reset Dlink router

This is all that you need to reset your DWR 116 4G LTE router. Now your router will reboot and restore to its factory settings. Once it returns to its factory settings, you need to configure everything again. Following articles help you to do the configuration.

If you don’t understand yet, here is the hard reset video for Dlink router. This is the same for any router model made by Dlink.

Hope you understand how to reset DWR 116 4G LTE. If you have any doubts regarding Dlink routers, you can ask it on the dlink forum. There are hundreds of other members to give a quick reply.

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