Download Netgear a6100 driver for Linux & Windows – Fix not detected issue

If your PC or Laptop doesn’t have a wifi receiver, then Netgear a6100 is one of the best choices for you. Simply plug the device to your USB port and install the corresponding drivers. After that, you can access any Wireless connection with the maximum speed and coverage.

Netgear a6100 driver

Netgear a6100 not detecting on PC – Solve by installing drivers [Windows]

Sometimes, you may see that the device won’t detected on your PC after plugging in. This is mainly due to the missing of corresponding firmware. If you format your PC or buy a new one, the driver may not found on it. So you have to manually install it after downloading.

There are 3 different ways to install a6100 firmware.

  1. Using the automatic driver search feature of Windows.
  2. Downloading and installing firmware from Netgear official website
  3. Using 3rd party tools to search and install the firmware.

I am not fond of the first and the third methods. This is because, using the first step, it is very hard to get the driver. And by using the third method, we have to install a third party tool live 3D chip or drivermax. So the convenient way that I recommend is using the second option. There is no need to worry about adware or fake software.

Step 1:- Plug your Netgear a6100 adapter on your USB port.

Step 2:- Download the driver from the official Netgear page.

Step 3:- Unzip the file. After that, install the firmware.

Step 4:- Reboot your PC if it wants to be.

Download and install Netgear a6100 driver for Linux 

I am not sure whether this work for your particular distro. Anyway working fine with Ubuntu. This is not the exact firmware version for a6100 but a general version for all 801.11ac Wireless AC adapters.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git
git clone
cd rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux
sudo make install

After that, reboot your PC and see whether its working or not. If you have a better firmware version, please comment it below or add the topic on our wireless forum. It will help hundreds of other looking at the same issue.

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