iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router Configuration Guide

iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router is quite popular among budget users. Thir router costs only less than 20$ which is far cheap price compared to other routers in the same segment. This router is capable of supporting connection type such as PPPoE, Dynamic & Static IP. Also supports Wireless Security such as WEP, WPA & WPA2-PSK with high-quality encryption.

How to Configure iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router for Internet?

It is quite easy to configure iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless routers. The configuration method is the same as that of other routers. If you know how to configure other routers, it will be quite easy. Don’t worry if you are a newbie here are the complete steps for configuration.

Before going to the steps, please do a hard reset on your iBall router. This is very easy procedure. Take a Pin like device. On the backside of your router, there will be a small hole. Turn on your router and put the pin inside the hole and do a long press for a few seconds. This will erase all previous data and we recommend doing a hard reset before starting configuration.

Step 1:- Connect a device to your router. You can use Ethernet or connect directly to the WiFi. No matter what device (Android, iPhone, Windows etc) you use. There should be a browser software to access the gateway website. Here in this guide, I got my iPhone to do the job and screenshots are from my iPhone.

Step 2:- Access the default Gateway using any browser software. (Chrome,Mozilla,Safari,Opera etc.). The default Gateway for iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router is

Step 3:- If everything is correct, you will see a website like below. In the password field, type “admin” and click OK to continue.

Configure iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router

Configuring Internet on your iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router

Step 4:- After Login, You could see a lot of Menus and Tabs. From there, click on “Quick Setup” Tab.

If your connection is PPPoE based, please provide the username and password on the corresponding fields. In between, you can configure the WiFi Password also. Anyway not mandatory.

Step 5:- Click OK to continue. Now you will be able to access the internet on your device.

Configure WiFi Name and WiFi Password

You can either configure wireless settings in step 4. Anyway if you want more settings, follow the instructions below.

Step 6:- Click on Wireless Settings from the menu.

Step 7:- Primary SSID is the name of your WiFi. By default, it will be iBall Banton and if you want to change it, rename it to any other name.

Step 8:- Now click on Wireless Security from the menu on the left side. There you can set your WiFi Password.

iBall Banton 300M MIMO Wi-Fi Configuration

Here you can see the option to enable or disable WPS and also see the option to set WPA algorithms. Nothing more to worry here. Just go with the basic settings and you can finish configuration without any issues.

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