Download ASUS WL-700gE Router latest Firmware – Update guide

For a smooth and better performance, a device should run on its latest hardware as well as software. No matter how big or small the software part is. Firmware is the software part which enables wireless routers to run based on its hardware features. Once you see any sort of issues with your router, especially ASUS WL-700gE, you can solve it by updating your router to the latest firmware.

Benefits of updating ASUS WL-700gE Router Firmware

Below are some of the Advantages of updating your router software.

  • The latest firmware comes with more languages. You can change your firmware language.
  • It always fix bugs of the existing version.
  • There will be new features added along with the latest version of your WL-700gE firmware. So you can enjoy them only by updating the firmware.

How to update ASUS WL-700gE Router Firmware?

The procedure to update firmware for almost all Asus routers are same. You just need to download the latest firmware from ASUS website. Here are the instructions to download and install ASUS WL-700gE Router Firmware.

There are a couple of methods to update your ASUS router firmware. The first option is to do it automatically and the second way is to download the file and upload it to the router. Anyway, the first option will available only for a certain router model and for some particular firmware. But you can use the second method to update the firmware of almost all routers.

How to automatically update Asus Router firmware?

Step 1:- Go to your Asus router default gateway IP address. By default, it will be Log in using the username admin and password admin.

Step 2:- Some routers show a notification message for updating the firmware. You can see a yellow marking on the top right corner as shown below. Click on the icon to start updating the firmware.

Step 3:- If there is no such notification, go to the Administration tab and click on the firmware update.

Step 4:- Click on the check update button to check whether a new update is available.

How to Manually update Asus Router firmware?

Step 1:- Go to the official page and download the recent firmware for your router. Check this page for the latest release.

Step 2:-  Now login to your ASUS WL-700gE, and click on the administration tab.

Step 3:- There you can see the option to upload the firmware file. Open the file which you downloaded in Step 1 and click upload.

NB: While updating the firmware, make sure that, you are connected using the ethernet cable. If not, the WiFi get disabled during the procedure and may not finish the firmware update.

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