Dlink DIR 615 Wireless-N300 Router Setup – Configure WiFi and other Settings

Dlink DIR 615 Wireless-N300 Router is one of the most selling wireless product from Dlink. If you are looking for Compact Design and Bandwidth Optimized routers, then D-Link Wireless N 300 Router is the right choice. It takes only a few minutes to configure your router and you can connect multiple wireless devices to fulfill your personal and business needs. Apart from single antenna routers, DIR 615 comes with two separate antenna which gives more coverage.

Dlink DIR 615 can be configured easily and quickly like any other routers. You just need to access the default gateway and login to the router setup page. Then change whatever options you want to change. So here is the default way to configure your router.

Hard reset your Router to factory settings. You should do a hard reset before configuring Dlink router if your router is newly bought. This is because new routers won’t able to access the default gateway without performing a hard reset. There is a small hole in the backside, just press the button inside the hole using a Pin-like device for a few seconds.  Now your router will restart and you can continue with step 1.

Step 1:- Connect any device to your router using the WiFi network or connect to the router using an ethernet cable.

Step 2:- Open any of the browsers and go to the following gateway.

Dlink DIR 615 Wireless-N300 Router Setup

Step 3:- There you can see a login form asking username and password.

Step 4:- Default Username is Admin and leave the password field blank. Now click on the login button to log into the dashboard.

After login, you can see many tabs. Setup for setting internet, Wireless for configuring WiFi, then advanced settings for more difficult configurations.

Step 1:- Login to Your Router

Step 2:- Click on Wireless tab. There you can see a textbox with Name(SSID). Give the name of your WiFi.

Step 3:- Also under Security Options, you can see Pre-Shared Key which is your WiFi Password. Change it to any other values to change WiFi password. It is also possible to Enable or Disable Wireless network.

These are the basic and necessary settings for any routers. There are also many other advanced features supported by Dlink router. You can control access to your router using MAC address which prevents unauthorized users from connecting your WiFi. Also possible to block unwanted URL using URL Block option. There are Virtual Server, Telnet, Traffic Control, Dynamic DNS like features on your DIR 615 to make it more user-friendly.

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