Here are the Frequently asked questions on our page.

How can I find the configuration of a router using this website?

Well, it is quite easy to find your target router model. Go to the homepage and type your router model and you will see related pages.

If my router is not listed, where can I find relevant guides?

There is very low chance for missing router models. Anyway, you can use the forum page to ask any doubts or queries regarding wireless devices. You will get answers from any of our registered users.

Can I add contents to knowledgebase rather than in forum?

Yes you can. This is a knowledgebase for wireless devices and you can submit your articles to get published on this website. We will also provide you small donations for your contribution. You can write anything especially about routers and repeaters and get paid. Make sure that, you are submitting something which is not existing in our knowledgebase. Please do a search on our homepage to make sure you are submitting a fresh content.

How I get payment for contributing to knowledgebase?

We provide payment only through PayPal. you can submit your PayPal email address along with the content to get paid. Normally it took only 24 hours to process the payment.